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    I think the main reason I like the Garrus statue that’s coming out next year is the fact that it appears to be accurate for a change. Bioware seems to struggle with getting their own character of a trilogy right, but it looks like this one will be okay.

    I mean, look at the ME2 Garrus figure:


    I give the sculpt a 8/10, but why is his face green????

    And then the Play Arts Kai figure:


    Again, 9/10 sculpt, but his face is very pitted and painted horribly. Not to mention the fact that the scarring on his mouth isn’t there. Otherwise, I like this figure a lot.

    And then the Funko Pop figure:


    Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute as hell, but why is he wearing his ME2 armor but that’s definitely an ME3 head???

    The Garrus bust:


    His flesh is not supposed to be orange, and where the hell is the lense for his visor?? Otherwise, 8/10 on the sculpt itself.

    And the worst, the Garrus character card:


    That’s his ME2 head on his ME3 body, they misspelled Spectre as “Specter” (also Comic Sans what), and they listed his height as 1.72 m (5’ 7”), which does not make any sense at all.

    But then I look at the images of the new statue:


    hhhhh 10/10 sculpt, 10/10 painting. His scarring looks right, his flesh color looks spot-on, and there is a lense on his visor.

    I buy every Garrus thing, but I find that I like fanmade stuff better, with the exception of the new statue. I can’t wait to get it next year.

    I have the Garrus bust, and he does have a lense on his visor. Not sure if the early models didn’t?


    I suppose I did just write your name in the stars.

    Liara is the sweetest, and so fucking loyal. When I’m not romancing Garrus I always pick her

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    im still really attracted to you and im sorry

    No need to be sorry. I’m sure you’re fabulous darling

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    You are soo cute

    NO YOU